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I couldn't believe the difference an energy spa could make! As an engineer, I was skeptical. At first I thought it would be a waste of my time, but now I look forward to relaxing and re-energizing, I feel a calmness. Afterward I am fully charged. I have energy, but not the nuerotic kind from coffee. I love using the energy spa, it is so easy and makes such a difference.
   -Jeff, Software Engineer.

After two weeks using the BEST unit, I noticed the circulation from my feet to my knees had improved 60% and I could feel sensation in my lower legs again. The swelling in my ankles and legs was completely gone after 5 foot baths. I now sleep soundly and am no longer plagued with severe depression.
   -Dennis, CMT and Holisitc Health Practitioner

"Leon has been using the foot spa for approximately 3 months. After about the third foot bath we had his water tested. As you can see in the results, the before and after water results can only speak for themselves. Leon had an injured bicep tendon/ligament/muscle. He has obtained greater mobility, flexability and use of his arm. We believe in this unit and it has become a part of our regime for health."

February 12, 2008

To Best Energy Foot Baths

To Whom It May Concern:

Prior to purchasing the Best Energy Spa, we had three units called the ION Cleanse from another company, A Major Difference. The cost and time of keeping them operating is a constant concern. We had to replace the array ($60) every 35-40 sessions. The electrical cords burn out frequently so that we had to purchase new ones and send the units back to the company for testing. The down-time cost us money not to speak of the time and trouble.

Since I do foot baths on a regular basis each week, I am delighted that the Best Energy Spa allows me to increase the amps to a higher level than the ION Cleanse. It seems to pull more toxins from my body than the ION Cleanse due to this increase in the amps. When I finish using the Best Energy Foot Bath, I feel fabulous and so energized!

We are so happy to have our new Best Energy Foot Bath which has a much broader range of power, fewer parts to care for and costs less to operate.


G.M., Texas

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